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Hello and welcome to FootSteps in the Past!

The item we are offering is a wonderful laser- engraved, wood burning.

We'll design your child's birth announcement and include all of their information.
Weight, length, time of birth, hospital, photo, real foot print, nursery theme graphics, date, parents names etc. Any information you would like to be included we can easily add.

It is burnt onto a piece of hardwood, plywood.

It is 11x14 in size. However if you are looking for another size just shoot us a message.

Comes with black, plastic frame.

See a sign you like but want a YOUR personal photo instead of the graphic shown in the photos?
CAN DO!! Send us a message and we'd be happy to customize it for your needs.

Have an idea in your head and you'd like to see it come to life on wood? We'd love to create it for you just send a message and we'll brainstorm together.

Thank you for stopping by!